About Us

The Luxury Property Expert


K&M Villas is a unique collection of meticulously selected properties from around the globe. Our company provides premium villa management & marketing communication services to discerning property owners that are looking to increase their revenue while at the same time offering better value to their guests.

Thanks to our affiliation with K&M Creative, one of the most up and coming luxury marketing agencies in Europe, our organization has both the capacity and the know-how to boost the performance of any luxury property in both Greece & worldwide.

We can take care of anything for you. From villa branding to web development and from reservations management to the total day-to-day running of your accommodation.

All of the properties that our included in our portfolio are handpicked. We choose all of our properties based on a strict procedure which evaluates criteria such as location and product value, interior decoration and amenities as well as potential for future improvements and expansion.

Our mission is to provide high valued services to our guests which is why we also offer complimentary 24/7 concierge services to all clients that choose to book their holidays through our extensive network.